Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The really sad part is, they're totally serious.

Okay, so Apple has this great piece of software called GarageBand, which lets musicians of any skill level record and mix some pretty impressive songs. With a MIDI keyboard and a basic grasp of music theory, you can, for example, become Rick Wright of Pink Floyd:

Part of Apple's iLife software suite, GarageBand gets better every year. The 2008 version nudged closer to being equal with Apple's professional-level Logic recording app, and now the 2009 update includes amplifier cabinets and stomp boxes that take GB into Amplitube and Guitar Rig territory.

And what has rival Microsoft been up to over the years since GarageBand debuted? Before we answer that question, we strongly suggest that you go to the kitchen for a medium-sized brown bag, write "For Vomit" on the side, and then return to your computer.

Microsoft, you see, has been hard at work creating something called Songsmith. And you really owe it to yourself to watch the entire promo for the new app — no cheating by only going 20 seconds in. Be brave. You have your brown bag, so it'll be okay.

Oh, and that nice silver laptop with the strategically-placed stickers on its lid? The one that's running this stunning piece of Microsoft ingenuity?

It's an Apple MacBook Pro. And we suspect the computer is really, really glad that its apple logo is covered up.

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