Friday, April 17, 2015

Records from the little guys

It's true that music is a mess now. Albums gave way to CDs which lost to digital downloads that are losing to streaming. Ownership isn't the goal, just listening is. Music has become the ultimate disposable commodity, and the era of filthy rich musicians, songwriters, music label execs, everyone—appears to be history.

Whatever. For millions of other music fans, complete collections are still desirable, and not just as words on iPod screens. Physical music. Discs. Vinyl albums, even. (WB thinks the whole "vinyl sounds warmer" argument is BS, since we've had plenty of experience with the eventual snap, crackle, and pop of "warm" vinyl. But we also validate the fact that recent mixes of digital music have been much like concerts are now—all top end, no bass.)

And for those people, as well as those who've never experienced what it's like to physically discover physical music by holding it in your hands, not just reading it on a screen, tomorrow is a great day for a road trip to any of the small independent surviving record stores participating in Record Store Day.

Some good music is coming out by some very good artists, too, to mark the date and occasion.

Go, be part of the celebration, the event, the cause. Lift up the little guys. And feel the music—in your hands as well as your soul.

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