Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, We Did.


At Grant Park in Chicago, one of the greatest cities on earth, Opera Winfrey, one of his earliest supporters, stood weeping. Not far away from the talk-show queen, Rev. Jesse Jackson, who lived through the Civil Rights struggle first-hand, had tears streaming down his cheeks as well. Director Spike Lee, also in the crowd, was likewise visibly moved. On Comedy Central, where WB first heard the momentous news as an official announcement just before 11 p.m., Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert tried, unsuccessfully, to hide the fact that they, too, were crying.

All of them, and all of us, knew that we weren't just witnessing history. We were living it.

After eight years of secrecy, lies, corruption, incompetence, and malevolence, our long national nightmare has ended. Ladies and gentlemen, three words:


(By the way: WB was the first to call the election. We awarded it to Obama on June 26.)


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