Sunday, November 2, 2008

SNL recap - Tina/Sarah good, John/John stiff, Ben/Keith WTF?!

Okay, the McPalin "QVC" opener had its high points:

But the later "Weekend Update" thing was just pathetic — and we won't even get into the "our country and planet are fucked and this is what the next president-wannabe gives us?" rant that we'd really love to launch right now:

But then came Ben Affleck as Keith Olbermann. We'll say this briefly: We agree with Keith Olbermann; we watch Keith Olbermann; Keith Olbermann is a favorite of ours. Mr. Affleck, you are no Keith Olbermann. And a quick memo to Lorne Michaels: for the sake of all that's holy, when a skit relies on an impression this horrendously sucky, you do NOT let it go on for nearly nine minutes!

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