Friday, October 31, 2008

"Where reality can be magical."

WB caught a new ad for Colombian tourism the other day. Yes, Colombia — cocaine cartels, rebel kidnappings, market bombings.... Banish all such thoughts, because now, if you take the family on vacation to Colombia, "the only risk is wanting to stay."

Being products of TV/cinema image bombardment all our lives, it's not our fault that despite all of the pretty pictures and swelling music in the ad, we're nevertheless stuck with an image of Colombia as the place where, in Scarface, Cuban refugee and coke-dealer newbie Tony Montana watches through binoculars as his business associate is hanged by a rope thrown out of a helicopter. Our ears echo with the words of Montana, as played by Al Pacino, simply shrugging and mumbling, "I nevver like dat piece of chit ennaway" -- and his suave Colombian host replying, "I like you, Tony. But don't ever fuck me. Don't you ever try to fuck me."

We're willing to give Colombia the benefit of the doubt here, but we're still gonna wait just a few more years before getting on a plane to verify the ad campaign's claims. Until then, reality can be magical, just as the ad says.

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