Monday, October 27, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Jewely Del Duca, a 4th grade teacher in Littleton, Colorado, is battling stage IV colon cancer. Without experimental surgery, her chance of surviving the next 5 five years is roughly 10%. However, her insurance company will no longer pay for this necessary treatment.

And then we have the current financial crisis, where a bunch of CEO's, financial advisers and Wall Street types got a little greedy and "accidentally" sent the entire planet's economy into the crapper.The world's governments graciously rushed in to save them all, and the U.S. government's bailout even ensured that those that caused the fall would receive hefty severance packages or continue to work for 6-8 figures. The slide presentation below explains the situation:

So, you tell us: what's wrong when a dying teacher who is using her illness as a lesson in compassion and empathy can't receive a life-saving surgery, but the greedy bastards responsible for the Burning of Rome - Part 2 can enjoy $40,000 spa treatments? We kinda think it's not just the economy that's screwed up.

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And in a related story, the Federal government has officially devalued the dollar value of an American life: