Friday, October 17, 2008

Can't we all just get along?

Poll workers clash at Falls nursing home
: Police, elections board investigate alleged assault over marked ballot

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio — Two elderly poll workers clashed in a physical altercation last Friday at a nursing home when one accused the other of improperly marking a ballot.

George Manos, a 75-year-old Republican, told police that Edith Walker, a 73-year-old Democrat, jumped on his back and struck him in the head three to four times with her fists. Manos said two other elections workers had to pull Walker off his back, according to a report filed with Cuyahoga Falls police.

Walker said in her statement that Manos tried to grab the ballot in question out of her hand. She said he accused her of marking the ballot wrong and she ''apologized to him if I did do it, but he was very mean to me.''

Richard Bader, a Republican poll worker at the nursing home, wrote that he forced his way between Walker and Manos and ''she tried to strong-arm me out of the way, but I held my ground.'' Bader said the incident drew a crowd of six to 10 people.

WB encourages all elderly citizens, including John McCain, to vote with dignity and courtesy for others, and to move all fistfights out to the parking lot afterwards.

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