Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Many species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving

Anyone looking at this post title and asking "WTF?" is most likely not that into music. But those who see it and instantly think Pink Floyd are true rock historians.

And Pink Floyd, as a band name, is right up there with other groups of the same obscure-rationale band naming era — Spooky Tooth, Wishbone Ash, Foghat, String Driven Thing, Crack the Sky, Deep Purple, and a lot of others with similar monikers. Usually two words, usually no context for them being put together, usually a pretty cool sound when saying them aloud.

But now we have... animals.

Mastodon. Grizzly Bear. Band of Horses. Wolfmother. Deerhoof and Deer Tick. Modest Mouse. Arctic Monkeys. Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse. Eels. Crocodiles. Crystal Antlers. The menagerie gets bigger every week.

Writing this from the state that gave you the Tigers, Lions, and Pistons (whose logo, for some reason, is a horse), WB has no problem thinking of groups of people as herds of animals. But the new bands following this musical trend still seem a bit sheeplike, and trying to theorize a reason for the trend's origin makes us dog tired.

At least they didn't name themselves Nickelback.


Some Guy said...

Don't forget Super Furry Animals, the perfect example for this meme about which you post!!!

SiriuslyCold said...

and Porcupine Tree! Who, if you like Pink Floyd, should appeal to you