Friday, September 18, 2009

Facebook: The Movie. No, really.

Word's been out for a few days about the big blockbuster-to-come, written by Aaron Sorkin of West Wing fame, about the invention of... Facebook.

There's not a lot to say about this, other than that the movie's being made because the book it'll be based on, The Accidental Billionaires, was a best-seller. And of course, if one demographic (people who read books) found the story compelling, then a completely separate demographic (people who buy movie tickets) will be totally engaged, too.

SEE! Two guys sitting around talking about starting a web site where people can connect.

SEE! As they come up with the term "social networking" to describe what the site will do.

SEE! As they sit at their computer screens and type HTML code.

SEE! A montage of college students signing up for the new service.

SEE! A fade-out and then a caption: "Two years later...."

Oh, we can barely contain our excitement. This is the most thrilling news since we heard that MTV would be creating a show about graphic design.

Gee, don't we have a blog post somewhere in here that could be turned into a movie? Maybe something about people sitting and watching a TV show? Or buying stuff at a store? You know, the thrills-and-chills action that is popular culture?

Meanwhile, we're advance-ordering our Facebook Movie tickets on Fandango! right now. See you in the popcorn line.

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