Friday, September 19, 2008

We are so geeked!

MTV and Hewlett-Packard, that stodgy old oscillator company founded in 1939 the extremely hip computer maker known only as HP have teamed up to make what sounds like the most visually stunning and emotionally compelling "reality" show ever. Engine Room will bring together sixteen digital graphic designers, representing a diverse global demographic mix, in a room full of HP computers where viewers, both on TV and online through MTVu, can actually watch them looking at their computer screens in a multi-installment product placement dramatic competition of skill and talent.

This sounds so stunningly promising as nearly unbearable excitement that WB is busy planning its own show, where viewers can see us sitting in our bathrobes and hunched over our laptops at 2 a.m. writing blog posts! Stay tuned for more exciting details... after we've caught up on our sleep.

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