Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy 2K to us!

WB is ecstatic to note that we've had two thousand readers stop by to spend a moment with us since we first fired up our keyboards at this URL. To pros like Matt Drudge and Ariana Huffington, this kind of number is chump change, but around here at the all-volunteer pop-cult-o-rama, it's BIG. And we are grateful.

Times like these call for some sharin' o' the stats, so here they are:

• Outside the U.S., readers have dropped in from Australia, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Japan, Italy, England, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Argentina, France, Chile, Brazil, and Uruguay.

Firefox is the browser of choice, followed by Safari, Internet Explorer, Camino, and Opera. (Opera's not doing too well, with only 0.06% of the action.) More visitors use Mac OS than Windows, but an "Unknown" operating system comes in third (lots of people running cloaking devices?) and Linux brings up the rear at about 1%.

• Our most popular posts, by far, have been our multi-part reviews of the Rothbury Music Festival — which means that 45rpm will be asking for a raise and an expense account any second now. To our stunned delight, our review of the Rusty Wright Blues Band in concert came in second (way to go, Laurie and Rusty), and third place was a tie between our treatise on perversity and our schizophrenic, multivocal review of The Dark Knight. Our review of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss in concert and Litchik's thesis on the trouble with Hechebians were close behind. The pattern is clear enough: reviews are popular. We're doubling our movie and concert ticket budgets, and we'll write more reviews between rounds of Dumpster-diving to make up for the lost grocery money.

• Although we've written about breasts and penises and sex dolls and porn and have even showed naked pictures of women, the search term that brought the most readers to us most often was... Iliza Schlesinger, winner of the 2008 Last Comic Standing who was name-checked in another Litchik post. "Iliza Schlesinger funny," "Iliza Schlesinger sucks," "Iliza Schlesinger nude" (sorry, can't help with that — how about Charlotte Ross instead?) and just plain old "Iliza Schlesinger" handily won first place. As for referrers themselves, MySpace, Facebook — and, for some reason, Google Australia — were the launch pads for many visitors, but our friend MK at PopBytes brought us the most.

So that's our portrait of you, our two thousand readers so far, and we look forward to updating it at the next milestone party. Until then, feel free to email us at the address on the bottom of this page with suggestions, questions, or complaints, or to just leave a comment if the muse lands on your shoulder. We're having fun, but you make it worthwhile.


Ross said...

Love this blog!!! Keep up the great work!

78rpm said...

Glad to have you here!