Sunday, September 21, 2008

Et Tu, CNN?

Media bias, from either direction, is something many of us have learned to cut through and live with. But for some reason, blatant sexism always appalls WB staff in an entirely different way.

The image at left shows an actual headline on, which is on the Internet. Remember, the Internet was not around in the 1940s, the last time anyone used the word "gal" to refer to a female over the age of 12. So this means that the headline came from a very recent post.

And the fact that this came from a news site is especially disturbing. Aren't journalists supposed to be, like, good with words? What happened to the words announcer, anchor, host, or reporter?

Had it been a man who looked like McCain, "dude," "boy," or "guy" would not have appeared in the headline. Guaranteed.

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