Thursday, September 18, 2008

Semiotics 101: Fear and Information.

WB finds it ironic that Mr. "Straight Talk" McCain has gone to quick, cold reading of slurs and slogans accompanied by tense music and chilling, half-whispered voiceover (by a female announcer, bonus!), while Mr. Obama is the guy with the explanation that treats us like people who can handle details and not just bumper stickers.

(Oh, we forgot: details are bad. They're annoying time-wasters, appreciated only by the elitist people who like brie and chablis.)

Anyway, note the differences in sets, postures, lighting, vocal tones, facial expressions: all the semiotic markers that go along with words to help American brains determine whether someone actually gives a damn about their now-worthless retirement funds, houses, and jobs:

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