Friday, September 12, 2008

One of these things is not like the other?

Meet the Sarah Palin Action Figure, which comes in three editions (left to right): Executive Sarah, Hero Sarah, and... School Girl Sarah.

Of the three, complaints have been lodged only against the last one, with justifiable charges of it being just a tiny bit sexist. But this leaves WB wondering about the middle version, where SuperSarah is dressed sort of like Trinity in The Matrix, except that Trinity doesn't wear a miniskirt cut to the crotch, and she definitely doesn't smile while kicking ass. So the best we can determine is that Hero Sarah is spared from "sexist" labels because of that conspicuous sidearm strapped to her thigh. If anyone looks at this Sarah that way, she'll shoot them. End of discussion.

Just look at that maniacal, even deranged smile. You know she will. And then she'll go slaughter a moose or three for good measure.

Meanwhile, as Litchick and 78 go online to order the respectful "Executive" version of the SPAF (we can customize her with our own surplus GI Joe gear) for the office, Seth Meyers has just stopped by the Today Show to set rumors flying that Tina Fey will be making an appearance on the fall premier of Saturday Night Live tomorrow. Hmm... wonder why?

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