Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last chance! These specials will never be repeated (until next year)!

As important as it is to rage against the commodification of everything in a consumer-gone-wild culture, some of us still manage to really enjoy this time of year. We can debate the real "reason for the season" and bemoan the fact that everything happening between Labor Day barbecues and New Year's hangovers has become completely commercialized, but the act of giving the perfect gift still gives many of us a rush. So, for last minute shoppers who haven't given up on Christmas, WB offers the following suggestions:
  • For the graphic t-shirt lover on your list, check out some great deals at (shoutout to our friend J. Ooh-Ah who pointed us to the site). Cheap shirts and hilarious pictures and slogans make these a fine, wholesome gift for any age.
  • For the masochist on your list, NBC's Heroes has a line of action figures. These figures are amazingly accurate and a fun idea for the few fans still left. Grab 'em while you can.

  • For those feeling the economic pinch, why not just put together a tasteful and elegant list of blogs and websites tailored to that special someone's interests? Of course, we suggest you start with this one and then check all of the great places we've linked to; there's plenty to show that you're someone of pop culture wealth and taste.

From the WB staff, have a happy holiday season!


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