Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Money's tight, times are hard...

...so here is this year's Christmas card*.

And as a bonus, here's a link to the New York Times' review of a holiday classic: "Wonderful? Sorry, George, It's a Pitiful, Dreadful Life." After all these years of being wrapped up in the movie's alleged charm, our eyes have been opened.

But we're not done with the bag of goodies yet! Some day, 78rpm will superglue Litchik to her office chair, set out a two-hour supply of red pop, and put the DVD of The Godfather into her computer. But for now, this holiday version of The Reinfather will have to give her a sense of what she's been missing all these decades years.

It's not as concise and cogent as 30-Second Bunny Theatre's version of A Christmas Story, or It's a Wonderful Life for that matter, but since 30SBT doesn't have a version of this pop culture touchstone out yet, it will do — until the Superglue bucket arrives.

(*Feel free to click and grab the full version as a festive desktop/wallpaper. We'd love to credit the original artist, but we don't know who it is — if we hear from them we'll gladly credit it.)

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