Monday, April 6, 2009

If they meditate, it will come

2/4 of the Beatles (100% of the surviving ones) reunited over the weekend as part of an all-star volunteer jam supporting the David Lynch Foundation, which wants to teach meditation techniques to a million troubled children around the world.

Yes, that David Lynch. The guy who has mondo bizarro dreams, writes them down, and then turns them into film scripts — which is why we get Robert Blake as a nameless evil guy stalking two other guys who've inexplicably changed places in Lost Highway, log ladies and homicidal fathers and an alter-ego named Bob in Twin Peaks, and Naomi Watts describing working with Lynch as making her feel "full of self-loathing when [my character] couldn't get out of a horrible, deep, dark psychosis.... I kept on weeping and falling to pieces, because I just felt so embarrassed and humiliated."

Sounds like just the ticket for helping those troubled kids get untroubled, and who knows, maybe even turning them into surrealistic film directors whose own dreams will become indecipherable scripts to make audience brains explode.

Here's David, "explaining" his meditation benefits in front of — surprise — a red curtain that symbolizes death, the afterlife, limbo, or just a strange personal symbol fetish:

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