Monday, April 13, 2009

Sling(blade)ing the arrows of outrageous misfortune

Billy Bob, Billy Bob... wherefore art thou Billy Bob? Whether 'tis nobler in your mind to suffer the cultural differences of Canadian audiences making less than a redneck hootenanny yell at your band's performances while you toured with Willie Nelson, or to take up arms against those good people — and your own bandmates — and insult all of Canada by calling it... mashed potatoes without gravy.

And all because a radio talk host referred to your acting career instead of lauding you as an accomplished musician equal to Tom Petty? Are you serious?

Geez, dude, you don't even like mashed potatoes; as we recall, you prefer you some of them french-fried taters.

Mm hmm.

Herewith, one of the most bizarre interviews ever granted by a pain in the ass celebrity whose ego is a hundred sizes bigger than his talent:


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