Thursday, April 2, 2009

Well, hell.

So, we go to all this trouble of setting up a Twitter account, and what happens right off? A server error!

"Reports have been filed of new users not showing up in search results" -- which is exactly the case for some of you here as you've searched for us there. (And thanks for letting us know.)

Luckily, there is a fix, at least until things get straightened out in the bird code, from the Twit-tech people themselves:

First, go to , and from there, enter from:wildeboomerz09 just as you see it there in red, with the word "from" and a colon and no space before our username. After that you can click through normal steps to add us to your follow list.

Our resident web wizard, Nighthand, provides a shorter alternative — just click here:

(Oh, and now that we've tossed a dozen or so topics up there, we'll be back here ASAP with more than 140 characters about at least one of them.)


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