Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blog left, apply liberally

Earlier, WB cited the fictional Senator Jay Bulworth (D-California), whose honesty and candor caused major cinematic controversy before propelling him into massive popularity. In the spirit of that forthright courage, we present Michigan's lieutenant governor, John Cherry—aka "jcherry" who boldly blogs on the transparently-named to chronicle his travels and speeches in the cause of preserving Great Lakes water.

It's extremely refreshing (no pun intended; well, okay, a little bit) to see a politician who's not afraid to become a magnet for criticism from the ultra-conservative minions of Rush Limbaugh and Sean whatshisname, much less one who'll blog at a site that has an in-progress section for "Lefty Links" and already connects to left-leaning sites like Daily Kos and the Huffington Post.

Of course, if the Limbaugh legions or the Faux Snooze faithful get hold of this, the story won't be about water at all, but about the LtGov's liberal "bias" (he probably doesn't even wear a flag pin on his lapel!) and therefore his unpatriotic, treehugging, environmentalist wacko delusion about keeping the Great Lakes in... er, the Great Lakes, and not in Lake Tahoe or Lake Mead or anywhere in parched California or Arizona or Nevada.

Such irony! A liberal unwilling to share "his" water with other liberals in Hollywood and Vegas, where everyone is liberal and they hold liberal fundraisers to put liberals into office to enact liberal earth-first policies that keep left-coast liberals from having more than a two-minute shower and make them grow cactus gardens instead of golf courses. Commie bastards! Radicals! Marxists! New York Times readers! CNN watchers!

Oops. Sorry. WB has absorbed way too much Limbaugh looniness and Fox foolishness, and now we can hear the tirades before they're even launched.

As we were calmly saying, there's this very cool politician in Michigan who's not afraid to show his politics....

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