Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Rapper and the Rattlesnakes

As Stephen Colbert's show the other night pointed out, rapper Nas delivered over 600,000 petitions to the Faux Snooze Channel asking the GOP's propaganda arm to end its racist attacks on... basically, anyone not white, but especially Barack and Michelle Obama and black Americans in general.

Nas gave a speech outside Faux HQ:

Faux refused to accept the petitions, or to discuss the matter, other than to let its excitable lion in winter, Bill O'Reilly, respond with an ad hominem attack against Nas, claiming that the rapper brought the petitions purely for publicity to generate sales for his "poor selling" latest CD.:

Just three little problems there, Bill. First, the CD you call "a bomb, a disaster, a catastrophe" was the #1-selling album on the Billboard charts on the day you weighed in, having just bumped Lil Wayne out of the top spot. Second, you defend your network from Nas's charges of racism by saying that he uses the N-word and has violent lyrics. But what about your network's racism? That was the issue. Rather than address it, you simply avoid it and toss a red herring onto the trail, and you know who does that?

Fox hunters. To test their hounds.

Finally, if Nas is fighting the mighty No-Spin Network only for personal gain, then what was in it for the 620,000 people who signed petitions because they shared in his disgust for the anti-Obama attacks?


WB out. Nas can finish the post better than we can:


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