Thursday, July 31, 2008

A paragraph is worth a thousand words.

In a one-paragraph review-of-the-genre titled "I'm Sick of Your Dirty Job," Newsweek writer Joshua Alston, in the July 28 issue, slams the current rash of "tough job" reality shows and wonders why anyone would relax after their own workday by watching other people work. But the heart of the critique comes when Alston asks: "Want to see a really dangerous job? How about a woman working for minimum wage at a big-box retail store who can't afford health insurance? Marvel as she scans groceries, aggravating the carpal tunnel for which she can't go to a doctor. It might not be as visually compelling a show, but it would certainly be more relevant."

WB bows deeply and encourages Newsweek to keep Mr. Alston, whose writing exemplifies what "less is more" means, restricted to one paragraph at all times.

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