Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fred and Kate: please evaporate.

While we gather energy (and information) to post about important stuff, let us chime in on the Bob (Jack? Joe? Bill?) and Kate Plus Eight melodrama: We don't care. We've said plenty of times here at WB that babies are not toys, babies are not collector's items (Madonna, Angelina, we're talking about you), and babies are not fashion accessories. They're people — and in the case of Frank and Kate's brood of eight, they're gonna be screwed-up people in therapy because their parents threw them in front of TV cameras and then went off to play with other people not their spouses, and then announced an impending divorce.

Okay, so we do care — about the kids. They didn't ask to have publicity whores for parents. And six of them would have gladly let the first two be the end of things, but there's a sad and demented idea in some women's heads that if one baby is good, ten are better.

We do care. But once TV and fame came along to replace their kids on the priority list, Ted and Kate stopped caring. That sucks, and so do they. But think of the melodrama potential for the evolving show: Tony and Kate Plus the Two New "Special Friends" the Kids All Hate.

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Anonymous said...

It isn't only *women* who believe that, the more babies, the better. Consider: where does the idea that a woman's worth resides in being a mother come from? Has that belief changed much in the last generation?