Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Something we hate about the number 8

.If you haven't heard about Jon and Kate getting ready to divorce and strand their eight kids in the swamp of split custody and suitcase weekends, then you're most likely not reading this post either. Ditto for news that Octomom was being courted with proposals for a reality show of her own, where her cute eight-ettes will grow up like an army of Trumans on the flat screen.

WB just wants to say that there is nothing special or significant about having eight kids, much less about shoving them in front of TV cameras. Both moves are just pathetic grabs for attention — although the more pathetic part is the networks clamoring to make kids into ratings and ratings into ad revenue, made possible by the most pathetic element of all: viewers who get sucked into the cheap melodrama.

Jon and Kate, your lives changed after you had all of those kids, and then changed again after your home became a TV studio? You lost focus on each other, and your affections drifted? Octomom, you never wanted all of the media scrutiny that you and your bonehead doctor generated by your explosion of tiny humans? You actually share a gene with Greta Garbo?

Well then, we just want to know: what the hell is wrong with you people?

They're not fashion accessories; they're people. And maybe you haven't heard, but the planet is already crippled by a massive and unsustainable overload of those. Get off the TV, and get into therapy. You're a plague on all our houses.


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