Monday, June 15, 2009

Microsoft finally gets an ad right

Let's face it, Microsoft's ads have never been great. Remember the series of print ads for Office where businesspeople had dinosaur heads? And let's not even mention the abominable ad for the unintentionally hilarious software known as Songsmith.

But now, as the monster from Redmond marches into the Tokyo of search apps to do battle with Godzilla Google, its advertisements for the new Bing search engines are... brilliant. Seriously.

If you haven't already seen this TV commercial, then think about how search works. You enter a term, and then you scan the 15-word "abstracts" in the results. And after the first three or four results, a lot of those abstracts can contain information you don't need and didn't want. (To be fair to Google, if you enter good search terms, you can get hundreds of great results before the questionable connections start to appear. Other search engines have also improved a lot over the years. But junk still shows up.)

Fans of trivia don't mind this at all, but for hardcore searchers who want things fast and streamlined to "maximize workflow," clutter is crap — which brings us to Microsoft's great ad for Bing:


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