Monday, June 23, 2008

Amy Winehouse is/not suffering from/clear of emphysema/tuberculosis/heart disease, sources don't/say

This is what we know from Amy Winehouse's father and the doctors at the hospital she was taken to after several days of coughing up blood and then finally collapsing (again):

The diminutive, drug-addled 24-year-old has early stage emphysema, which in just one month could turn into end-stage emphysema. She does not have emphysema, but she has tuberculosis. She has tested negatively for tuberculosis and is all clear—but she still has a "chest infection." In addition to all of these things she does/not have, she also has a "heart ailment" causing an irregular heartbeat. All of these conditions have not/been caused by cigarettes, crack, and a whole lot of other drugs. Doctors say if the singer doesn't go 12-step immediately, she'll die.

Obviously, her father and her doctors are very concerned... and confused. They also appear to have a tendency toward sharing premature diagnoses with the press.

Regardless of the confusion, this is sad stuff. "Rehab" is a great, big song that holds up after hundreds and hundreds of listens. But Amy Winehouse is just a troubled soul in a tiny body that's showing signs of wearing out quickly after hundreds and hundreds of abuses. Big drug habits put little abused bodies into deep graves.

Time for the media and Amy herself to get some things straight.


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