Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just Kidding?

There's a story blowing up as of noon today (GMT-5) that staunch Republican and American badass Kid Rock has "posted a bizarre online rant" lashing out against iTunes, record companies, gas stations, car dealers, and the tech twins Microsoft and Apple.

Only problem is, no one has posted an actual link to the alleged "rant." Trying to track Kid's quotes to their source just leads back to the reports about it.

That said, here's the heart of the coverage: "The he is happy to let fans download tracks for free [and he] urges kids to steal laptops, MP3 players, cars, and gas from retailers because big businesses can afford the loss. He says, 'The whole debate on downloading music has gone too far. There are record companies suing kids. You can illegally download my music, steal it if you will. Because I'm fucking rich. How can I bitch about you downloading a song or two. I can't.... Let's level the playing field. Steal everything. If you want a new MP3 player or a computer, do you know how much money Apple and Microsoft have? Go in there, get a new laptop and run. You need a new car? Go steal a Toyota.'"

Multiple choice: If true, this "rant" is an example of
(a) Satire
(b) Hyperbole
(c) Self-parody
(d) Republican family values

Extra credit: Why is a redneck, rock 'n roll son of Detroit name-dropping Toyota?


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