Friday, June 27, 2008

Transition complete - introducing our new co-author

WB has a new look and a new, wider focus: not just music, but everything in popular culture. To accomplish that, the staff now includes Litchik1203, connoisseur of comic books and graphic novels, aficionado of reality TV, and constant reader of Entertainment News online. Together, we're a rolling pop cult minutiae machine... or at least we've been so accused.

Litchik will be taking over the blog while 78 takes a homecoming trip to Chicago, and after that it's anyone's guess about what and when she'll post. But we know it'll be good.


Litchik1203 said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks for the intro. Look for me to start posting on Tuesday. SO much to discuss and....well, I will also have a lot of time. Fasten your seatbelts: it's going to be a bumpy ride!

G-Fab said...

Hey guys, before I head off to Sweden, I wonder if you know this great article by Constance Penly from the old CultStuds Bible.

I am feeling old today, because it was 12 years ago this month I went to the very first International Cultural Studies conference in Tampere, Finland. I drank beer with Larry Grossberg.

Best of luck with this new blog--I'll be a regular reader.

Eljay said...

Oh, yeah. The Grossberg CultStud was one of the anchor texts in two courses with Dean Rehberger. Fondly and wistfully I recall having that black-and-peach covered "bible" in my tired hands....


Aaron said...

Comic books and graphic novels? Hooray! I'm watching with amusement as Grant Morrison is currently defiling the childhood dreams of many DC readers with his Final Crisis mini. Issue 1: Martian Manhunter unceremoniously burnt to death by a half-dozen C-list villains. Take that Fanboiz!