Friday, June 13, 2008

Metallica — Apologia Pro Vita Sua

The soap opera continues. Apparently, the boys in the band did a little Interwebbing after several weeks touring in Europe (and without online access?) and were shocked to discover that their managers had been harassing the nice Brit bloggers who'd been invited to review the upcoming album.

"Bad managers!" the boys said, and then apologized to the bloggers with a cheery "Carry on, then! As you were."
Ars Technica, reporting in detail, wonders if it might all be an elaborate ploy to generate buzz for the new stuff. WB is $eriou$ly $hocked by the mere $ugge$tion....


G-Fab said...

Thought of you today with this headline:

"AP Pulls a Metallica" LA Times, 6/19/08,0,1328124.story

"pulling a Metallica." Wow!

78rpm said...

Coming soon to a dictionary near you:

"Metallica. meh-tal-ih-ka, n.
1. a person ignorant of the Internet; someone frozen in a 1989 understanding of technology. 'The president is such a metallica, he thinks that YouTube is a connection to his television set.'