Thursday, June 26, 2008

Geezerguitar Heroes

Kids are jamming to Foghat, Kansas, Judas Priest, Aerosmith, Kiss, and even Heart in record numbers. (But not Johnny Winter, left. He's there to illustrate the post title.) So many that their parents are freaking out a little, although they're also delighted to see the little ones headbanging to the classics.

Something in the water? No, something in the game room: Guitar Hero.

And the freakout doesn't just go one way. According to the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch, while there's a wave of parents asking "Where'd you hear that?" when the kids break out singing a classic rocker, there's also a wave of kids responding, "Well, how do you know about it?" And then the generations reach out to one another across the years and everyone holds hands and Slade comes into the room to sing, "We can all swing together, my oh my."

It's all extremely touching. But speaking of Johnny Winter, there won't be any justice until both he and Alvin Lee appear on the next Guitar Hero. Here they are, each in their prime, at (the original) Woodstock — a long, long time ago.

(For you young'uns, Johnny's the albino and Alvin's got the square jaw. How come you didn't know that?)

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