Thursday, August 28, 2008

Election Primer

As election season kicks into hyperdrive, WB would like to suggest a few pop cult gems to get you in the mood:

READ: The hilarious and wickedly smart Goodnight Bush, a snarky, spot-on parody of the children's classic Goodnight Moon that bids a not-so-fond and long overdue farewell to the Bush administration. While the writing is clever and entertaining ("Goodnight towers/And goodnight balance of powers/Goodnight Constitution/And goodnight evolution"), the illustrations make the book a brilliant and scathing sociopolitical commentary befitting the past eight years. Pay especially close attention to the colored drawings of the bedroom setting and see how many representations of Bush failures you can spot. Fun!

LOG ON: For political commentary and news around the nation, Slate remains one of the best online magazines. The commentary is fresh and witty, and it is the easiest way to stay current (and truly informed) on the important events happening in our world.

WATCH: The political conventions on CNN. (For all the gripes WB has about network news channels, we do like the fact that the conventions are aired without a commercial break every 90 seconds.) While it's easy to dismiss the conventions as cheesy, rah-rah rhetoric-saturated spectacles that draw attention from the real and depressing issues facing our nation, it's hard to deny the electric atmosphere surrounding both events. It's even harder to ignore the fact that great, moving and historic moments happen at these things, moments that spark an ember of hope in even the hardest and coldest of cynics, Republican and Democrat alike.

MARK THE DATE: November 4, 2008 is election day. If you're one of our American readers, please register in time and VOTE so that the WB staff has something happy to write about on November 5th!

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