Saturday, August 16, 2008

How do they say Zzzzzz in Japanese?

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“After finding success in over 15 countries, the trickiest, fastest and funniest half-hour on the planet is finally coming to America!”

That’s according to Fox for the network’s new show, Hole in the Wall. The show is taken from Ellen DeGeneres — no, wait, make that the Japanese again. DeGeneres created her own version of it called “Through the Wall, Take a Fall” for her show, but the game is originally titled “Human Tetris.” This “entertainment” consists of contestants trying to fit through oddly-shaped cutouts from a Styrofoam wall. As the wall moves toward them, they must fit through the hole or fall into a giant tub of water. Massive mirth ensues. (No elite/snob Jeopardy intellectualism here!)

Hole in the Wall is “created” (we’ll use that word lightly since we all know it’s only been translated) by FremantleMedia, the same company responsible for American Idol, America’s got Talent, and The Price is Right. It's scheduled to air Thursdays at 8 p.m. starting September 11 and will take over the time slot originally used for The Moment of Truth (a show actually not stolen from the Japanese, but still managing to embarrass contestants as its main form of entertainment).

Ads for the new show are all over Fox and the network is currently accepting applications. (Wanna play? Check this link.) Word is, the team that makes it through the most holes wins $25,000 with a chance for $100,000 in a bonus round.

It was only a matter of time until yet another network got the “turn Japanese” game show memo, but based on the video above, WB gives the new show about 35 seconds before it's cancelled. That's how long we lasted before our microscopic LOL turned into a large WTF and we resumed our search for videos of scary insects.

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