Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There's something happening hair...

A steady roar has been coming out of Metallica land, with the new album finally finished, a North American tour announced, backlash to the Mi$$ion Metallica idea survived without much injury, and a thousand forums still screaming about the death of Napster (soooo last century) at the hands of a demonic Danish drummer.

But now it looks like at least half the band could use just a little more noise: the sound of electric barber clippers.

Yes, lads, it's time to take it all off — especially you, Lars. That tuft at the top of your head has slid all the way to the back. And Kirk, although you've sung the praises of Rogaine and joked that you'll still be rocking when you're "sixty and bald," there does come a time when the long curls (what's left of them) need to be retired with honor.

Take it from Kerry King (Slayer), Michael Stipe (REM), and Peter Garrett (Midnight Oil) — rockin' a chrome dome has a certain daring dignity. Go for it.


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