Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pop Cult Nuggets #2

pop cult nugget, n. - a little tidbit of information from the past week's happenings, followed by an even smaller tidbit of commentary.

The school district in Harrold, Texas has voted to allow teachers and staff to carry concealed weapons because the one and only schoolhouse in the district is near a highway, "which could make it a target," according to the superintendent.

Knowing a few things about teachers sometimes having bad days like everyone else, WB puts on the voice of Chef in South Park and shouts to the district's 110 students: "Hide yourselves, chirdren!"

The Food and Drug Administration, in charge of protecting and defending American consumers, has declared that the compound bisphenol A, found in Nalgene bottles and other plastics, is safe. A hundred other studies have found that it's deadly, but the FDA overlooked those and relied on two studies funded by the plastics industry.

Knowing a few things about industries steering their research toward favorable outcomes and the FDA being run by representatives of industries, WB puts on the voice of Chef in South Park and shouts to 300 million U.S. citizens: "Save yourselves, chirdren!"

Purpose-Driven Life author and megachurch evangelist Rick Warren questioned Barack Obama and John McCain at his faith palace so that U.S. voters could see for themselves the important differences between Obama, who has been a confessed Christian for decades, and McCain, who began attending a Phoenix-area prayer arena last month. Not surprisingly, the fundamentally-faithful vote is still expected to go to McCain, who values their "values" even if he doesn't necessarily believe their beliefs.

Knowing a few things about hypocrisy and wishing that presidential campaigns could be about running a country instead of running scams, WB puts on the voice of Chef in South Park and shouts to all informed, intelligent, and optimistic multi-issue voters: "Show yourselves, chirdren!"


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