Sunday, March 29, 2015

All About That (Missing) Bass


It's not about the seven years that've passed since the last new album, Death Magnetic. As writers who went six years between blog posts, we know the agony of finding time to feed the muses.

It's not about the fact that Lars Ulrich looks like a little tiny Danish version of Rob Halford now. Or that horrormeister and lead guitarist Kirk Hammett is getting his Vincent Price on with those gray streaks. Hair change happens; we empathize with that, too.

It's not about the obvious cashing-in that this band, which has long excelled at the Art of Cashing In, is doing with its plan to roll out a slow, steady reissue of its entire catalog, going all the way back to the cassette tape that started it all.

But it is all about that reissue—because it means not only will we finally have a correctly-produced version of the Magnetic album (we've long preferred to queue up a YouTube amateur mixer's remix instead of the official release), but we will finally HEAR JASON NEWSTED'S BASS GUITAR on ...And Justice For All, up to now the biggest travesty in recorded-music history.

Thanks to YouTube (again), there've been attempts to fix the auditory destruction that the Little Dane unleashed by turning Jason gradually further down into the mix until he vanished. But nothing beats a proper soundboard-engineered rescue of a shit job at the controls. We long-suffering Metallicats will have our long-delayed day in sonic court.


Maybe by the end of this decade.

James and Lars are much too shrewd as businessmen to give the buying public what it wants, when it wants it. They'll build up the desire until it becomes unbearable lust, and then wait a little more. And then—

We will illegal-download the living fuck out of that album when it finally arrives, and share it with all of our friends.

Jason, the injustice will be avenged!

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