Tuesday, March 24, 2015

HBO Magnifico

This isn't an advertisement, honest. To prove it, we'll keep it real short and just do a quick run through three statements:

1. HBO Go was awesome, especially with the head of the network saying he was pretty much okay with people sharing their logins with each other (but not really saying that at all). It meant that we could watch HBO on phone, tablet, TV, computer, watch, ring....

2. But HBO Now will be even better, at least after its first three months as an Apple-device exclusive. Because in addition to showing up on all those screens, it will let Comcast haters kick Comcast where Comcast has been kicking customers forever: in the wallet. So long, Comcast: HBO Now doesn't require your cable TV, it just needs your Internet. $14. No sweat.

3. And if what we've been seeing lately on the HBO Go menu is an indication, not only will we have HBO Now, we'll also have HBO then—going back to 2003 by our last quick scan. If the network keeps adding without deleting, HBO Now will be a strong contender as the most impressive archive of top-quality TV ever assembled online.

The only possible drawback we see to that is if Showtime feels the need to go archival, too, and we end up being able to re-view all episodes of the 1980s 20-minute "Soft Porn Yet Somehow Perverted" Workout, which that network cut down to five-minute segments, but even so.

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