Monday, March 16, 2015

Date Night at the Big Screen TV: A Cautionary Tale

"Let's watch a show. I'll go find something, you throw some popcorn into the microwave."

90 seconds later: "Don't hurry—there's a system software update."

6 minutes later: "The new OS dropped our saved logins. What's our Hulu password?"

And then: "It says that's not correct. Can you check your laptop?"

2 minutes later: "Yeah, that worked. But hold off on that popcorn; I'm updating Silverlight."

3 minutes later: "Shit, the computer froze. Rebooting."

4 minutes later: "It's checking to see if any files were damaged. Three minutes remaining."

"Okay, got the browser open... looks like there are two new episodes. Go ahead and—um, hold on, now there are Flash and Java updates, too."

5 minutes later: "Okay, done. You can make the popcorn while I queue up through the credits."

And then: "Did someone mess with the sound? I can't get the surround receiver working."

A moment later: "Nope, still not working. Let me try rebooting it at the power strip."

2 minutes later: "Still no go. Do you remember where we put the owner's manual for this goddamn receiver last time?"

17 minutes later: "I rule! Sound's working now. Come on down, sweetie."


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