Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fewer Pixels = better clarity

The presence of Adam Sandler and Kevin James in the upcoming Pixels made us leap instantly to eleven on the 1-10 "how bad will this be" scale, but then we saw Peter Dinklage and Chris Columbus listed too, bringing the suckage prediction down to 5.

The problem, as anyone who's ever watched Saturday Night Live can attest, is that very funny jokes based on a single premise are very funny the first time. Then, they're funny. Then, slightly amusing. Then, hey, anyone want some more popcorn? Maybe some nachos? I'll go get it, no problem. 

The original film short for Pixels is very, very funny. Especially the Tetris part. See for yourself:

Now, if you're not already one of the 34+ million people who've already seen it, watch the trailer for the Sandler-James-Dinklage full-length movie:

Chances are pretty good that what made you laugh in the short film only made you smile in the full-length version. Maybe even just internally.

Imagine how you'll feel at the 70-minute mark, having seen a single premise beaten into the ground over and over and over—pixellated ground, yeah, but still.

Plus, Adam Sandler and Kevin James. But at least the theater popcorn will be good.


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