Thursday, March 26, 2015

When a Rolling Stone stops rolling

The April 9 issue of Rolling Stone has arrived at the WB offices, bearing news of Ringo Starr, James Taylor, Van Morrison, and the Beastie Boys.

Oh, and Kendrick Lamar too, in small print. Also, some new faces in music who are tearing up the joint and calling themselves Alabama Shakes.

But the cover story, the Special Report, is about "Teenage Jihad - Inside the World of American Kids Seduced by ISIS."

And of course it's about the "kids" - because it sure ain't for them. Not with a musician on its cover whose last hit faded out in the mid-1970s. No disrespect to Ringo or his band, but the "kids" aren't clamoring for Beatles music, or even All-Starr Band hits like... um... uh... the ones there are.

Even the Beasties, sad to admit, are 20 years gone.

Rolling Stone is an important magazine that's done some great things for music, culture, and journalism overall through the decades. But it's getting thinner and thinner with each new issue, and it should probably take a good long mirror look before it disappears completely.


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